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About KFS

KingFisher Software is a pen-name for Oliver Smith, and the web site itself is a general home machine for Oliver and a number of other people.

KingFisher Software is not a commercial venture or operation; it is just a pit-stop on the highway. KFS accounts are given to friends of the administrators.

The name originally belonged to two friends of Oliver's; John Gymer and David Gymer. John wrote a number of packages for the Atari ST under the name.

Oliver started writing tools and packages for Bulletin Boards, and a multi-user game language (AMUL), on the Commodore Amiga, which he released under the name "KingFisher Software" or "KFS". These tools rapidly spread world-wide, and KFS became established.

When Oliver finally got involved with the Internet he continued writing shareware/freeware tools and programs (in a variety of languages, on a host of platforms, including C, C++, Perl, Java, PHP, XML, etc...), and so KFS came to the Internet.